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Mini Bluetooth Earphones

Mini Bluetooth Earphones

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The Indigi Wireless EarPods are designed to be used with any smartphone device. (Android or iOS) The Earpods pair flawlessly and sync up when playing music. The battery is extremely efficient and provides up to 5 hours of talk/listening and up to 100 hours of standby time. The Earpods are truely wireless as no wires hang from either earbuds. Listen to your favorite bands, strike up a conference call, or go for a walk without the a clunky headset over your head or wires that you have to untangle!

100% New
2x EarPods (Left and Right)
1x Charging Dock / Carrying Case
1x Manual
1x USB Charging Cord
Universally Compatible Design
Lightweight Design
Wireless Version: Bluetooth V 4.2+EDR
Capacity: Up to 5hrs of use & 100hr standby
Indigi Wireless & Cordless Stereo Bluetooth Mini
Headphones / Earbuds / Earpods for iOS & Android +
Charging Case

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